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Joshua McAlees

Real Estate Construction

Joshua McAlees has worked in the real estate industry for over seventeen years. After graduating from Northwood University with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Banking/Finance in 1996, Josh began his career working for Nicklaus Design. Josh built golf courses while working for Nicklaus Design, including West Palm Beach’s Trump International Golf Club. After Nicklaus Design, Josh started to construct car dealerships throughout Florida for numerous car dealers. As a result of his hard work and skill, Josh was promoted to Director of Construction and Partner.

In 2003 Joshua McAlees earned his general contractor and real estate licenses. The following year he started a construction and development company named Capital Construction and Development. Initially, Josh mostly focused on commercial development like office and warehouse properties. However, after 2009 Josh redirected his focus to high-end residential construction. By wearing various hats throughout his career, Josh has gained a lot of experience that benefits his clients and the projects he works on.

The real estate industry is a competitive space; however, there are many aspects which help Capital Construction and Development stand out from the competition. First, the organization’s team is relatively small but can still handle large projects. Each client and each project gets the attention that it deserves, and every member of the team is talented and knowledgeable. Since Joshua McAlees is both a developer and a contractor, his business is able to do select projects that other organizations might not be equipped to handle. Clients understand that Josh has been on the ownership side of the table just like them. He recognizes the necessity of sticking to a budget and being transparent and upfront.

When it comes to finding success in business, Joshua McAlees points to persistence as one of the key ingredients. Regardless of the industry that you work in, Josh believes that you need to be persistent if you want to achieve your goals. Being persistent is especially crucial in the real estate industry where there are many competitors.

Josh is grateful to work in an industry where the work is so varied. Not only is each project different, every day there are challenges which keep the job exciting and interesting. Plans rarely go as planned in the real estate industry, so being able to adapt quickly is a valuable skill. Fortunately, Josh and the rest of the team behind Capital Construction and Development are skilled at adjusting their strategy to stay on track and complete projects.