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A home renovation is too important to trust to just anybody, yet you will almost certainly need to hire a contractor for the job. If you’re not quite sure how to go about hiring a contractor for your next renovation project, here are just a few important questions you should be asking according to the experts.

Should You Consider Pricing When Hiring a Contractor?
While you should be shopping for contractors that fit well within your budget, you should never hire a contractor for a job based on pricing alone. You might think you’re getting a good deal by hiring someone with rock-bottom rates, but you usually have to pay a little more for quality work. Find a contractor with good references who charges reasonable rates that don’t sound too good to be true instead.

Are Bids Negotiable
While you look for the best rates for a renovation, you might wonder why quotes vary so much from one contractor to the next and whether those quotes are negotiable. While all quotes are negotiable to some extent, there are good reasons why different contractors have different quotes. Some have a smaller business and don’t need to pay as much for overhead, while others are larger operations with several employees that need to be paid and will need to charge more. When negotiating pricing, don’t be afraid to ask exactly what you’re paying for, and be willing to accept that there is a limit to how low prices can realistically get.

How Do You Know that You’ve Found a Good Contractor?
There are several ways to know that you’ve found the right contractor for a job. A good contractor will be available when you need them, they will be up front about everything that needs to be done during a project, they will have a quote in writing for you to review, and they will be able to provide credentials and references upon request. In fact, most of these factors will come to light if you do a little bit of research about a contractor. This includes asking people you trust for recommendations, reading reviews on Google, and simply following your gut when you meet with a contractor for your first consultation. If anything feels “off” to you about a contractor or they aren’t willing to disclose the information that you request, find someone else. As we said before, you should never trust a home renovation to just anybody.