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Every home seller aims at spending the minimum amount of money in construction while delivering a quality property that can fetch the needed profits. Quality should be in both craftsmanship and the entire construction design that one intends to sell. The only possible way to achieve this is by employing a fast, accurate estimate of the products and services that are needed to commence and complete the project.

There is only one approach that is fast, accurate, and cost-effective for all construction projects. Applying this strategy can be helpful to any home seller in the industry. The process is quite simple and straightforward as it only comprises the following steps:

  1. Determining the project’s cost.
  1. Applying craftsmanship and makeup that is likely to bring the intended profits after spending.

The process is as simple as that, but it could be difficult if one does not perform the two simple steps in a systematic process that produces an accurate estimate of the cost within a short period. The rate at which a home seller performs and closes the entire process will directly affect the amount and value of profits of the construction project. Therefore, there are things that every project owner should stop doing before he or she engages in a fast and accurate system of determining the estimated cost of their construction cost. The following are some estimate methods that every project owner has to stop.

Estimating by Hand

This technique is one of the most inappropriate estimating methods ever. The technique consumes a lot of time, is prone to errors, and is not repeatable. Therefore, construction projects owners should stop using this method at all costs.

Stick Estimating

This technique involves counting every piece of material that is used in the construction project. It is with no doubts one of the most time-consuming approaches. The technique is very accurate since the results from this strategy do not miss the point. However, it is likely to lead to oversights in case the project plans are not completed according to the agreement.

Every construction project owner who wants to develop a fast and accurate estimate of a construction project cost should embrace unit cost estimating and combine the strategy with the most rapid counting software application to ensure speed and accuracy.


How to Estimate How Much Your Home Construction Project will Cost

In most cases, the duty of finding and compiling accurate estimates for any construction cost project is a responsibility of the salesperson. Some construction projects though may hire a cost estimator and a salesperson separately. The effect of the second option is that it attracts more expenses compared to the former. Therefore, one can choose to task the salesperson with the two duties since most trained salespersons can comfortably combine the two tasks. Also, an Estimator is capable of handling the two tasks just like the sales-agent. This means that hiring either an estimator or a salesperson to deal with the entire of the construction project is a clever take.

Another advantage of giving the whole process to one dealer is that both the writing of contract and estimation of its cost will have fewer errors in the contract sheet and the estimation sheet. The negotiation procedure and the entire job will have fewer errors that can be handled. An estimator or salesperson can reach to an accurate estimate of a construction project cost by ensuring that he or she handles estimating issues.

The following are some of the estimating issues that every estimator or salesperson of a construction project cost should handle to ensure an accurate estimate that can lead to more sales and a better presentation.

Estimating begins with proper planning

Estimators and salespersons need to have good plans that they will work from. They are also required to read all the plans. Proper planning ensures that the customer’s specifications match with the estimator’s/salesperson’s understanding of the whole process. The procedure of planning needs to involve both the estimator and the customer to avoid differences at the end of the entire exercise.

Estimating books

Estimating books differ from place to place. Therefore, an estimator should ensure that he or she uses the right estimating books to avoid making some terrible mistakes that can ruin the entire project. Most of the available estimating books are regional.

Choose an estimating procedure that has fewer errors

Some estimating techniques can cause a lot of mistakes in the long run. With this, an estimator should ensure that he or she avoids erroneous estimate approaches such as Stick Estimating, Estimating by Hand, and Unit Cost Estimating.