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Just as kitchens prove eminent and essential rooms in a house, living rooms also warrant prestige. After all, living rooms are central meeting areas when the kitchen is not in use, serving as fundamental sites for events such as family gatherings and casual lounging. While not everyone can afford luxury living rooms, it is certainly possible to draw inspiration from designs and create a look of your own that matches your style and lifestyle.

Outdoor and Indoor Living

Designs like this Spanish villa meld exterior and interior living spaces. With sliding glass doors, SAOTA’s indoor living room opens up into an outside space featuring a sizeable sectional sofa situated under the shade of a permanent awning. Both spaces are functional and flow seamlessly from one to the other. Instead of glass doors, you can opt for floor-to-ceiling windows that still provide views of the outside while providing separation for both spaces.

Contemporary Living

This contemporary space designed by Grupo Arquitectura features a shed ceiling and feature glass wall. With a mixture of straight and elegantly curved lines, the furnishings drag the eye around the room and architectural elements complete the contemporary look. If you’re not looking to make quite a statement with a glass wall, you can consider other architectural designs such as fireplaces or room dividers.

Seaside Living

Similar to the villa, seaside residences allow homeowners to bask in the serenity of the beach while still enjoying inside amenities. Hughes Umbanhowar Architects’ floor-to-ceiling windows provide an unobstructed view of the ocean from the inside of the living room and also provide an ample amount of light to brighten up the space. To preserve the airiness within the living room, consider minimalist designs and layouts to ensure it doesn’t appear too cluttered.

Contemporary Craftsman

With a two-story living room, this luxury contemporary craftsman home boasts an expansive living area. Though grand, Architectural Designs ensures the space remains comfortable and cozy with help of its large stone fireplace and personalized decor. Bright crown molding, hardwood floors, and untreated windows provide the design a crisp and classic look. To keep larger rooms from feeling too overwhelming, consider installing darker hardwood floors and accents to ground the space.  

While luxurious living rooms don’t meet the functional and financial needs of all homeowners, surveying a variety of designs can help inspire personal living spaces. With the proper amount of research and vision, anyone can transform their living room into a luxurious space that fits their style and lifestyle.