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Whether you want to remodel your house or are attempting to flip a property that you purchased, a general contractor will need to be hired to ensure that they can improve various features in the building. Finding the right contractor is necessary to ensure that the work is completed properly and that you can trust the individual. If you’re in the process of interviewing contractors, there are a few necessary questions to ask.

Do You Have Insurance?
Hiring a contractor that doesn’t have insurance can make you responsible for covering the medical bills or lost wages of someone who is injured on your property. You’ll need to verify that the professional is insured and can allow you to be protected if an accident occurs as the work is performed.

Will You Use Subcontractors?
It’s important to know if other types of subcontractors will be working on your property when working on the roofing or installing windows. Most general contractors have a team of subcontracts to ensure that the work is performed efficiently.

When Do You Communicate with Your Customers?
Finding a professional that communicates well is necessary to ensure that they’ll keep you informed throughout the process. You’ll have an easier process if you hire someone who responds to your email or phone call within 24 hours instead of leaving you hanging when you have a question or concern.

How is the Job Site Cleaned?
The last thing that you want to do is hire someone who leaves your property a mess after they work on the building. Ask the professional ahead of time how they plan to clean the job site and how frequently it’s cleaned. If the property is left a mess, it can be a liability and can also annoy your neighbors.

How Many Projects Do You Have Right Now?
Knowing how many other projects that the contractor is currently juggling will give you an idea of how quickly the work will be completed in your home. You may not meet your own deadlines if the individual is working on three other projects, which can lead to delays. You can also ask the professional how many jobs they can manage at one time to determine if he has the time to take on your project.