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Whether you’re a homeowner or in the market for your first home, you may be wondering about the best ways to improve a property. While general contractors don’t usually share their thoughts freely, these suggestions come straight from contractors who want you to get the most out of your home.

Have Central A/C Installed
Depending on the current set-up in your home, this may be easier than you assume. If your heating system uses forced air, you already have the duct work necessary for central air. The advantages of installing the entire system for those without duct work already in place is that they can select where to place their vents. Choosing wisely can mean a reduction in your energy usage throughout the year.

Think About the Quality of Your Walls
Another insider secret shared by contractors concerns the care of your walls. If you’re remodeling or building a new structure, consider installing sheetrock walls. It’s more economical and can save work and money, if you choose to upgrade the room with recessed lighting. Conversely, plaster and lash can provide a clear, professional finish on your walls, but this method comes at a price. While it can be a money saver in the beginning, upkeep can put a drain on your bank account.

Examine Your Home’s Drainage
Ensuring you have good flow in your drainage system can protect your home against future damage and erosion. Poor drainage can cause problems with the property’s foundation, patio, decks, basement floors, and even the housing columns. Additionally, walls can sink or swell, causing more structural problems. If you’re unsure about how to check the quality of your home’s drainage, call a professional to come in and take a look.

Look at the Trees
Here is another problem that could end up affecting the plumbing and foundation of the home. Trees that haven’t been properly cared for may have an untamed root system. The roots can destroy underground pipes and can even damage the home’s foundation. Conversely, a poor root system can cause the opposite problem. A bad storm may upend a tree with poor roots, causing it to fall on the house or on a garage.

By taking these suggestions, you can begin to keep your home in good condition. Taking care of the foundation and plumbing goes a long way to maintaining a strong structure and will help you enjoy your home for years to come.