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Because the kitchen is frequently where friends and family gather, it is referred to as the heart of the home. For this room to be appealing, however, the kitchen needs a modern look. Here are ways to update a kitchen so that memories of good friends and relatives will have a pleasing backdrop:

Fresh paint

Certain wall colors date a room. If the kitchen is painted in light, natural colors, a bright and airy look can be created. Painting the ceiling white will also make the room seem larger because the white paint makes the ceiling appear higher.


Nothing makes a kitchen seem old like out-dated appliances. Stainless steel appliances are popular nowadays because they have a clean and neat appearance. Almost any soft color looks right behind them, as well.


Rather than having the countertop extend four inches up the wall, people are now installing decorative wall tiles in brushed nickel or crosshatch silver to coordinate with appliances. They also use bronze tiles or ones that appear to be brick or wood. These backsplashes add a delightful personal touch to the kitchen.


Worn floors or tiles will not only date a kitchen, but they can also cheapen the appearance of the room. Changing the floor updates the look of the kitchen and can also add a new color and more luxurious texture. New materials such as stone tile and porcelain are popular. Luxury vinyl with antibacterial protection is also available, as is moisture-resistant laminate.


Because countertops are so visible, they can affect the overall appearance of the kitchen. So, updating them is important. Granite and quartz are popular surfaces, and plastic laminate is a durable material that is resilient. Concrete, which now comes in a sleek finish and a choice of colors, is an alternative, as is crushed glass counters that provide a luxurious finish. There are design possibilities which are almost limitless, such as inlays and custom backsplashes. Even small details such as edge treatments that are very attractive, among which include colorful pinstriping.


Old cupboards can give a kitchen a worn appearance. But, if the doors and drawers are the only things that are worn, refacing can be done, which is a method that gives the appearance of new cabinets. Only the doors and drawers are replaced while a matching veneer is placed on the front and sides.